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Admin Code1

This is the Admin Code1 page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Country Code Admin 1 Code Name ASCII Name Geoname ID
SD43Northern StateNorthern State378389
SD29Khartoum StateKhartoum State379253
SD36Red SeaRed Sea408646
SD38Al Jazirah StateAl Jazirah State408648
SD39Al Qadarif StateAl Qadarif State408649
SD41White Nile StateWhite Nile State408653
SD42Blue NileBlue Nile408654
SD47Western Darfur StateWestern Darfur State408658
SD49Southern Darfur StateSouthern Darfur State408660
SD50Southern Kordofan StateSouthern Kordofan State408661
SD52Kassala StateKassala State408663
SD53River NileRiver Nile408664
SD55Northern Darfur StateNorthern Darfur State408666
SD56Northern Kordofan StateNorthern Kordofan State408667
SD58Sinnar StateSinnar State408669
SD60Eastern Darfur StateEastern Darfur State8394435
SD61Central Darfur StateCentral Darfur State8394436